Two completely secure communication channels are suggested to those who wish to send information or to receive legal or security advice:

  1. Encrypted telephone calls
    You can send chat messages and documents using the secure messaging applications Signal (download here) or Telegram (download here), to this number: +33 7 52 25 40 51.
    All messages sent through these applications are automatically encrypted on your telephone before they are sent, and can only be read by the recipient.

Our advice is to:
• Dedicate a telephone to these messages, if you can
• Make sure to erase the messages that you send.

  1. GlobalLeaks platform

In order to send us information in a secure manner, you MUST use TOR.

  1. Download TOR from its official website. Read the instructions and follow them exactly to install it.
  2. Once installed, open the following link using TOR browser: http://yclnmhev3ggcxylqnahtg2zvvfzqltxwhkz5qgfjsiyallpfvujsn4id.onion
  3. Click on « Make a new report ».
  4. Follow the instructions, fill out the form and send us the information in a secure manner.
    Our advice is to close all other search engines, applications, and software before using TOR.