ALB offers the following services to whistleblowers:

Secure alerts
ALB provides whistleblowers with a secure portal to send documents in English, French, and Arabic to dedicated teams of analysts and legal experts.

Legal assistance
ALB has prepared a network of Lebanese and international lawyers who are ready to advise whistleblowers and to defend them against any form of retaliation, even if their financial resources are limited.

Media relay
ALB can help whistleblowers to divulge information using its connections with journalists and professional media in Lebanon and abroad.

Legislative action
ALB evaluates Lebanese legislation and pleads for the adoption by Lebanese authorities of ambitious laws and regulations to protect whistleblowers.

Legal action
All collected information which is reliable and pertinent will be brought to the attention of the relevant legal authorities in Lebanon and abroad, while ensuring the whistleblowers’ anonymity. This is the main purpose of ALB.