A whistleblower is neither a traitor nor a sleazy informer!

He or she is just a citizen who is concerned about justice, and who brings to the public eye misdeeds and offenses that are harmful to public interest.

With ALB, whistleblowers, who are often threatened or harassed by the people and organizations that are targeted by their revelations, have the choice of remaining anonymous or not. If they wish to, they can eventually be witnesses in a court of law, either anonymously or not.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of who can be a whistleblower:

• A bank employee who is aware of systems that are set up in his bank which allow for the payment of illegal commissions, money laundering, or fiscal evasion.
• A civil servant who finds out that a company has paid kickbacks to other civil servants (or to their nominee) in order to win a tender.
• A company manager who is racketed by political figures or civil servants.
• An employee who witnesses his employers being corrupted.
• A hospital employee who reports doctors who are selling treatments and medication that are supposed to be free of charge.
• A repented accomplice or a witness of any form of corruption or embezzlement.
• Etc.

ALB‘s aim is to help people who choose to do the right thing, i.e., defend the common good, and to ensure that in doing so, they do not lose their freedom, their jobs, their safety, their income, or their lives. ALB has gathered solid legal and technical competencies to minimize their risks.