ALB is a platform which collects information about corruption in Lebanon. It was set up by a group of associations, activists, and Lebanese citizens who are anonymous for the time being, in order to ensure their effectiveness and their safety. This group transcends the various Lebanese communities, which is necessary in order to fight corruption.

ALB allows people to safely report acts of corruption, illegal fund transfers, or embezzlement of public funds perpetrated against Lebanon and its citizens, in order to bring them to public knowledge and to allow for legal action. Anonymity is guaranteed to whistleblowers in order to protect them from retaliation and to make them effective.

The group which manages ALB has already collected solid information and has started legal action in impartial European courts, in some cases directly, and in other cases through partner groups. This is only the beginning.

The end game of this initiative is to free Lebanon from the corruption which it has been enduring for decades, so as to allow for the emergence of the rule of law. This aim will only be achieved when those who have led the country to bankruptcy through corruption will have been severely punished, and the stolen assets will have been returned to their rightful owner, the Lebanese people.

As Edmund Burke said,

the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

with courage and determination, the cancer of Lebanese corruption will be vanquished.

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